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Freelance Horn Player and Manhattan School of Music Graduate

[Career Planning for Music Entrepreneurs] was a fantastic workshop.  In many ways, I wish that the topics covered in your seminar were part of the core curriculum for conservatory training. For musicians, self-esteem is closely related to artistic success which is in turn deeply intertwined with successful artistic endeavors.  Goal-setting strategies, project planning, asking the key questions which help to unlock hidden information--- these are the skills necessary for building a platform of success. 

Clarinetist and Juilliard Graduate

I loved the fact that you made people get out of their comfort zone and share things with the group that they would otherwise have not done. That is something that I admire a lot, and you have a great gift for being able to do that! Bravo!

— VD, New York, NY


Astrid is an invaluable resource for ALL lawyers in transition.  I felt lost and defeated after years of working at a law firm,and I wanted to make a change but didn\'t know how.  Astrid immediately inspired confidence and helped me make positive changes in my career and personal life.  The coaching process was empowering as I re-discovered my strengths and interests in addition to  working on improving my weaknesses.  With coaching, I was able to identify alternative career paths that I would find rewarding and that I would be passionate about based upon my unique set of strengths and values.  Astrid also coached me through my interviews and brought out the best in me as I presented myself to new employers.  I am excited about the opportunities in my new career, and coaching was instrumental in allowing me to be a happier and more productive person.

Joshua D., New York, NY

Are you ready to take charge of your life and experience authentic success?

Then you have come to the right place! As a coach, I share my passion for excellence and authenticity in the service of my mission: to inspire and empower you to live a life of genuine personal, professional and creative success.

Astrid's Blog

Developing The Growth Mindset: How Yale Music Entrepreneurs Embrace Growth and Change
This past semester, my students at Yale experimented with the growth mindset in order to learn how to approach challenges in the spirit of growth and experimentation, as opposed to perfectionism and fear of failure.The growth mindset is premised on the belief that talent and intelligence are just the starting points of success and that success happens through hard work, experimentation, the willingness to learn from mistakes and persevering. This is in contrast to the fixed mindset which re...
Entrepreneurial Projects: Expanding the Reach of Classical Music in Today’s World
As part of my class at Yale, my students create a project in order to experience entrepreneurship in action.  I am thrilled at how my students delved into the unknown and created a wide variety of creative and innovative projects that opened up new vistas for them. My ground rules were as follows: Do something you never done before; and Go outside your comfort zone.   The project assignment also had two underlying conceptual underpinnings: 1. The Growth Mindset Many musi...
Top 10 Confidence Boosters for Arts Entrepreneurs
Just think of how often confidence comes up in the course of your life, whether it is in rehearsal, in performance, speaking in public, making presentations or pitches, networking or interviewing for a job. Confidence is at the heart of your personal motivation and self-esteem to put you at ease. It is also essential when you interact with others in order to enhance your ability to get your message across and have a positive influence on those around you.The good news is that there are many...
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